Founded in 1938, the Washington and Lee Law Review publishes scholarly legal writings by judges, professors, practitioners, and student members of the Washington and Lee Law Review.

Current Issue: Volume 74, Issue 2 (2017)

Prefatory Matter



Tribute to Professor Margaret Howard
Neil P. Olack, Geoffrey L. Berman, Eric D. Chapman, Shane Vandenberg, Joshua A.T. Fairfield, Lois R. Lupica, Ann MacLean Massie, Denise Neary, Nancy B. Rapoport, Charles J. Tabb, Eugene R. Wedoff, and Robin Fretwell Wilson


Tribute to Professor Sally Wiant
Laura N. Gasaway, James Heller, Ann MacLean Massie, Brian C. Murchison, Caroline L. Osborne, Christopher B. Seaman, Joan Shaughnessy, Joseph A. Ulrich, and Christopher Wolf



Corporate Officers as Agents
Deborah A. DeMott


Purposive Loyalty
Andrew S. Gold