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United States Reports

438 U.S. 265




Part 1, folders 1 to 14. See additional materials below.

76-811_RegentsBakke_SubjectFiles1-2.pdf (20910 kB)
Subject files, part 1

76-811_RegentsBakke_SubjectFiles3-5.pdf (30340 kB)
Subject files, part 2

76-811_RegentsBakke_Typedrafts1-2.pdf (19244 kB)
Powell typescript drafts, part 1

76-811_RegentsBakke_Powelldraft2.pdf (17450 kB)
Powell typescript drafts, part 2

76-811_RegentsBakke_Typedrafts5-7.pdf (28044 kB)
Powell typescript drafts, part 3

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsPowellChambers.pdf (2814 kB)
Powell chambers draft

76-811_RegentsBakke_Powelldraft1.pdf (22413 kB)
Powell drafts, part 1

76-811_RegentsBakke_Powelldraft2.pdf (17450 kB)
Powell drafts, part 2

76-811_RegentsBakke_Powelldraft3.pdf (8976 kB)
Powell drafts, part 3

76-811_RegentsBakke_Powelldraft4.pdf (28042 kB)
Powell drafts, part 4

76-811_RegentsBakke_Powelldraft5.pdf (20012 kB)
Powell drafts, part 5

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsPowellRiders.pdf (6684 kB)
Powell riders and notes

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan1.pdf (9674 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 1

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan2.pdf (9642 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 2

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan3.pdf (7073 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 3

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan4.pdf (9811 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 4

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan5.pdf (10093 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 5

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan6.pdf (9907 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 6

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan7.pdf (9436 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 7

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBrennan8.pdf (9664 kB)
Brennan drafts, part 8

76-811_RegentsBakke_White.pdf (16844 kB)
White drafts

76-811_RegentsBakke_Marshalldrafts.pdf (6789 kB)
Marshall drafts

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsBlackmun.pdf (2967 kB)
Blackmun drafts

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsRehnquist.pdf (6710 kB)
Rehnquist drafts

76-811_RegentsBakkeOpinionsStevens.pdf (7244 kB)
Stevens drafts

76-811_RegentsBakkeResearchMaterials.pdf (30529 kB)
Research Materials

76-811_RegentsBakkeFanMail.pdf (19089 kB)
Fan mail

76-811_RegentsBakkeLectureReportArticle.pdf (9802 kB)
Lecture, report and article

76-811_RegentsBakkeScrapbook.pdf (153 kB)
Scrapbook TOC



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