"And Where the Offence Is, Let the Great Axe Fall": Sentencing Under International Criminal Law, in International Criminal Law in Context (Phillipp Kastner ed., 2017)



International Criminal Law in Context provides a critical and contextual introduction to the fundamentals of international criminal law. It goes beyond a doctrinal analysis focused on the practice of international tribunals to draw on a variety of perspectives, capturing the complex processes of internationalisation that criminal law has experienced over the past few decades.

The book considers international criminal law in context and seeks to account for the political and cultural factors that have influenced – and that continue to influence – this still-emerging body of law. Considering the substance, procedures, objectives, justifications and impacts of international criminal law, it addresses such topics as:

• the history of international criminal law;

• the subjects of international criminal law;

• transitional justice and international criminal justice;

• genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression;

• sexual and gender-based crimes;

• international and hybrid criminal tribunals;

• sentencing under international criminal law; and

• the role of victims in international criminal procedure.

The book will appeal to those who want to study international criminal law in a critical and contextualised way. Presenting original research, it will also be of interest to scholars and practitioners already familiar with the main legal and policy issues relating to this body of law.



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