2007: Lewis F. Powell - A Century Milestone

September 19, 2007 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Justice Powell, and Washington and Lee University celebrated this milestone with a year-long series of symposia and lectures exploring Justice Powell's judicial legacy.

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In Honor of Lewis F. Powell, Jr. - A Symposium
Powell Lecture
On Friday, September 21 at 1:30 pm, Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit will deliver the 5th annual Powell Lecture in Lee Chapel. Remarking on the chief characteristics of Justice Powell's jurisprudence in his essay, "The Powellian Virtues in a Polarized Age", Judge Wilkinson, who served as Justice Powell's first law clerk, noted that Powell "treated legal principles not as hard and fast rules but rather, as presumptions that could be rebutted in an appropriate case."
Fall 2007 Powell Symposium - The First Amendment and National Security
On Monday, September 17 beginning at 8:45 am, the Washington and Lee School of Law hosted a symposium, sponsored by the Lewis Law Center, examining how Justice Powell's concurrence in Branzburg v. Hayes continues to inform the issue of reportorial privilege. Justice Powell's opinion eschewed all-or-nothing alternatives, and as was evidenced during the Valerie Plame leak investigation, the relationship between a journalist and his or her source continues to be one of the most contested issues in modern mass media law.
Powell Centenary Lecture
On Wednesday, September 19 at 10:00 am, the School of Law will host a lecture by New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse. Ms. Greenhouse will discuss how Justice Powell might rule on today's immigration issues based on his opinion in Plyler v. Doe, a case that affirmed the right of undocumented children to a free public education.