Beginning in 2008, the Hendricks Lecture in Law and History series is endowed by Pete Hendricks ('66A, '69L), who has a private law practice in Atlanta involving land use zoning and government permitting. A history major himself, Hendricks also endowed the Ollie Crenshaw Prize in History at the College in honor of his favorite professor.

"It's important to have a sense of history to put what you are studying into context," Hendricks stated. "I know W&L's philosophy is to produce a well-rounded lawyer," he explained, "and I hope this lecture series will serve as an interface between the two disciplines."


Lectures from 2021

How Corporations Became People, Adam Winkler

Lectures from 2018

George B. McClellan, Robert E. Lee, and the Laws of War before the Lieber Code, Stephen Cushman

Lectures from 2016

The American Revolution and National Identity, Jack Duane Warren Jr.

Lectures from 2015

Thunder in the Mountains: Chief Joseph’s Encounter with the Administrative State after Reconstruction, Daniel Sharfstein

Lectures from 2014

The Civil War and the Constitution(s), John McCardell

Lectures from 2013

The Sympathetic State: Disaster Relief and the Origins of the American Welfare State, Michele Landis Dauber

Lectures from 2012

"To Secure the Rights of Owners": Planter Crimes, Prize Courts, and the British Empire of Law, Laura Benton

Lectures from 2011

The Jurisprudence of Slavery, Freedom, and Union at Washington College, 1831-1861, Alfred Brophy

Lectures from 2010

Recovering the Legal History of the Civil War, G. Edward White

Lectures from 2009

William T. Coleman, William Thaddeus Coleman

Lectures from 2008

When Massachusetts was Religious and Virginia Wasn't - and Why it Changed, William E. Nelson