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Spring 2013


This poster presentation displays creative and innovative ways to provide instruction outside of the traditional classroom setting. As "flipping the classroom" gains popularity, the use of these tools gains importance. We integrate tools like screencasting, social media, QR codes, and wikis in to legal research instruction . One essential component in the success of some of these efforts at Washington & Lee School of Law is collaboration with partners at Bloomberg Law. The product of this collaboration featured in our poster is a series of screencasts instructing viewers (students, faculty and the public alike) to use a selection of Bloomberg Law tools. To accompany the poster presentation itself, iPads will be on hand to display the resulting videos. Working together and building relationship s between the library and vendors produces a high quality educational product, whether it is a screencast video, webinar or guide for using a specific resource -- one way that we are meeting in the middle with other members of the library and legal information community.


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