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A Sampling of W&L Law Distinguished Alumnae


A Sampling of W&L Law Distinguished Alumnae



Download Loranne Ausley, '90L; Sarah Ross Cravens, '02L; Brig. Gen. Malinda E. Dunn '81L; Margaret Freund '84L (91 KB)

Download Mary Kay DePoy Harris '78L; Monika Jaensson Hussell '93L; Mary Miller Johnston '84L, Linda A. Klein '83L (76 KB)

Download Angelica Light '75L; Mary Beth Long '98L, Phylissa Mitchell '01L; Jessine A. Monaghan '79L (93 KB)

Download Susan Palmer '85L; Caprice L. Roberts '97L; Melissa Warner Scoggins '81L; Lizanne Thomas '82L (94 KB)

Download Pamela J. White '77L; Sarah K. Wiant '78; Rebecca A. Womeldorf '91L (91 KB)


In the spring of 2012, law library staffer, Bonnie Gates, was commissioned to create a Law Reunion Weekend display honoring the accomplishments of our women graduates. Though the full esthetic of that significant effort cannot be duplicated here, it's essence has been captured. It should go without saying that our alumnae of significant achievement are legion, and that this effort of necessity only begins to note their aggregate honors.

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A Sampling of W&L Law Distinguished Alumnae