The John Randolph Tucker Lectures were established by the Board of Trustees of Washington and Lee University in honor of Mr. Tucker's distinguished service as Professor of Law and first Dean of the School of Law. The initial lectures were delivered in 1949 during the Bicentennial of the University by the Honorable John W. Davis, an 1895 graduate under Dean Tucker. The year 1949 also marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Lexington Law School which became the School of Law of Washington and Lee University. The lectures as listed here feature video, audio, or a link to a related article published by the speaker in the Washington and Lee Law Review when available.


Lectures from 2021

Confronting Mass Incarceration, James Forman Jr.

Lectures from 2019

The Life and Power of Chief Justice John Roberts, Joan Biskupic

Lectures from 2018

The Supreme Court’s Challenge to Civil Society, Linda Greenhouse

Lectures from 2015

Magna Carta: 800 Years after Runnymede, A.E. Dick Howard

The Quiet Crisis in Access to Justice, Diane P. Wood

Lectures from 2013

The US Auto Industry: ‘Too Big to Fail’ – Politically/Economically or Both?, Arthur Gonzalez

Lectures from 2012

Politics, Punishment and Reconciliation, Bryan Stevenson

Lectures from 2011

Do Appellate Judges Find Facts as Well as Apply Law?, Frederick Schauer

Lectures from 2010

Managing Perfect Storms: A Judicial Perspective on the Challenges Presented by High Visibility Cases, Leonie M. Brinkema

Lectures from 2008


The First Amendment and the Internet, Erwin Chemerinsky

Lectures from 2007


A District Judge's Thoughts about the Independent Judiciary Debate, Joan Lefkow

Lectures from 2005


Comparing Religions, Legally, Winnifred Fallers Sullivan

Lectures from 2004


Re-Engineering Corporate Disclosure: The Coming Debate Over Company Registration, John C. Coffee

Lectures from 2003


The Drafting of a Constitution for the European Union: Europe's Madisonian Moment or a Moment of Madness?, Grainne de Burca

Lectures from 2002


What is the American Gun Debate About?, Dan M. Kahan

Lectures from 2001


One Law for All? - The Logic of Cultural Accommodation, Jeremy Waldron

Lectures from 2000


The Shattered Mirror: Identity, Authority & Law, Lawrence M. Friedman

Lectures from 1999


Closing the Commons, Killing the Net, Lawrence Lessig