American Railway Express Company v. G.T. Elliott, Inc.

Case Name

American Railway Express Company v. G.T. Elliott, Inc.



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of the City of Richmond, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. R. Carter Scott, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

149 Va. 218

Parallel Citation

141 S.E. 259


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Action for Debt; Actions by or Against Surviving Corporation; Commerce and Execution of Judicial Process; Corporations and Business Organizations; Evidence as to Official Proceedings and Acts; Foreign Corporation and Statutory Agent for Service of Process; Judgments Presumed Valid; Liability of Surviving Corporation for Debts or Acts of Original Corporation; Official Proceedings and Acts; Reliance on Statute or Availment of Statutory Benefits; Representatives and Agents; Service on Corporation Failing to Comply with Statutory Requirements; Service on Secretary of State or Other Public Official; Status of Original and Surviving Corporations; Termination of Agency; Trial and Judgment; Validity of Return on Process; Weight and Sufficiency of Evidence as to Requisites of Return of Service

American Railway Express Company v. G.T. Elliott, Inc.