George S. Kemp v. John M. Miller, Jr.

Case Name

George S. Kemp v. John M. Miller, Jr.



Download Record 1686: Petition For Writ of Error and Supersedeas; Case Record (9.3 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Law and Equity Court, Part II, of the City of Richmond, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Frank T. Sutton, Jr., Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

166 Va. 661

Parallel Citation

186 S.E. 99


Civil Law


Appeal and Error Damages and Amount of Recovery; Errors Favorable to Party Complaining; Failure or Refusal to Instruct; Harmless and Reversible Error; Insructions; Particular Cases or Issues; Particular Errors; Damages Attorney Fees, Costs and Expense of Litigation; Grounds and Subject of Compensatory Damages; Deeds Constuction and Operation; Merger of Previous Agreements; Judgement Causes of Action and Defenses Merged, Barred or Concluded; Conclusiveness of Adjudication; Matters Which Might Have Been Litigated; Merger and Bar of Causes of Action; Vendor and Purchaser Cutting Defects and Perfecting Title; Performace of Contract; Title and Estate of Vendor

George S. Kemp v. John M. Miller, Jr.