Harry L. Light v. City of Danville

Case Name

Harry L. Light v. City of Danville



Download Record 1833: Petition For Writ of Error; Case Record (12.7 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Patrick County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. J. T. Clement, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

168 Va. 181

Parallel Citation

190 S.E. 276


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Eminent Domain; Eminent Domain and Collateral Attack; Eminent Domain as to Constitutional and Statutory Provisions; Eminent Domain as to Construction and Operation of Legislative Acts; Eminent Domain and Damages; Eminent Domain as to Defenses and Objections; Eminent Domain and Delegation of Power; Eminent Domain and Determination as to Right to Take; Eminent Domain as to Farm, Rural, or Timber Land; Eminent Domain and Hearing; Eminent Domain as to Operation and Effect of Payment; Eminent Domain as to Production and Supply of Electric Power or Light; Eminent Domain and Public Use; Eminent Domain and Service of Process; Improvements and Works Beyond Boundaries of Municipality; Jurisdiction of Courts and Eminent Domain; Municipal Corporations; Nature of Process; Powers and Functions of Local Governments; Powers Incident to Execution of Those Granted; Water Supply and Eminent Domain

Harry L. Light v. City of Danville