Lula B. Wallace v. Maxwell G. Wallace, et al.

Case Name

Lula B. Wallace v. Maxwell G. Wallace, et al.



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Corporation Court of the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Frederick W. Coleman, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

168 Va. 216

Parallel Citation

190 S.E. 293


Civil Law | Civil Procedure | Courts | Estates and Trusts | Evidence | Property Law and Real Estate


Action for Construction of Deed; Application to Deeds and Careful Examination of Whole Instrument; Creation of Interest by Deed; Express Trusts; Joint Tenancy and Statutory Modification or Abolition; Trusts and Application of General Rules of Construction; Wills as to Arbitrary, Ordinary, or Peculiar Meaning; Wills as to Construction and Operation of Statutory Provisions; Wills as to Intention of Testator; Wills as to Language of Instrument; Wills as to Relative Position; Wills as to Situation of Testator and Circumstances of Making of Will;

Lula B. Wallace v. Maxwell G. Wallace, et al.