W. J. Gandy v. County of Elizabeth City

Case Name

W. J. Gandy v. County of Elizabeth City



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Elizabeth City County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. John Weymouth, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

179 Va. 340

Parallel Citation

19 S.E.2d 97


Constitutional Law


Constitutional Law Delegation of Powers; Determination of Constitutional Questions; Discrimination and Classification; Doubt; Encroachment on Legislature; Enforcement of Constitutional Provisions; Equal Protection; Inquiry into Legislative Judgement; Legislative Powers and Functions; Presumptions and Construction as to Constitutionality; Scope and Doctrine in General; Separation of Powers; Statutes and Other Written Regulations and Rules; To Judiciary; Counties Constitutional and Statutory Provisions; County Board; Government; Ordinances and By-Laws; Organization and Powers in General; Judgement Entry Nunc Pro Tunc; Entry, Record and Docketing; Statutes General and Special Laws; Governments and Political Subdivisions; Laws of Special, Local or Private Nature; Particular Laws as General or Special; Validity

W. J. Gandy v. County of Elizabeth City