James M. McFarland v. Alice Lenoir McFarland

Case Name

James M. McFarland v. Alice Lenoir McFarland



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Court of Law and Chancery of the City of Norfolk, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. O. L. Shackleford, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

179 Va. 418

Parallel Citation

19 S.E.2d 77


Civil Law | International Law


Costs Attorney Fees; On Appeal or Error; Particular Actions or Proceedings; Courts Comity Between Courts of Different States; Concurrent and Conflicting Jurisdiction; Courts of Different States or Countries; Divorce Domicile or Residence of Parties; Foreign Divorces; Foreign Ajudications Recognized; Genuineness and Sufficiency of Residence; Jurisdiction of Foreign Court; Reasons for Recognition or Refusal to Recognize; Recrimination; Service by Publication; Domicile of Choice and Change of Domicile; International Law; International Comity in General; International Relations and Foreign Affairs; Marriage and Cohabitation Actions and Proceedings in General; Creation, Existence and Validity of Maritial Relationship; Jurisdiction and Venue; Judgement or Decree; States Political Status and Relations; Relations Among States Under Constitution of the United States

James M. McFarland v. Alice Lenoir McFarland