City of Richmond v. John Best

Case Name

City of Richmond v. John Best



Download Record 2566: Petition For Writ of Error; Case Record (13.4 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Hustings Court, Part II, of the City of Richmond, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Willis C. Pulliam, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

180 Va. 429

Parallel Citation

23 S.E.2d 224


Civil Law | State and Local Government Law


Appeal and Error Determination and Disposition of Cause; Directing Further Proceedings Below on Certain Issues; Limited or Partial Remand; Directing New Trial or Further Proceedings in Lower Court; Particular Issues; Automobiles; Actions; Contributory and Comparative Negligence; Apportionment; Injuries from Defects or Obstructions in Highway or Other Public Places; Questions for Jury; Costs On Appeal or Error; Prevailing or Successful Party; Evidence Judicial Notice; Management and Conduct of Occupations; Judgement Motion or Other Application; Notice; On Motion or Summary Proceeding; Municipal Corporation Actions; Evidence; Exercise of Governmental and Corporate Powers in General; Torts; Trial After Demurrer to Evidence or Motion for Nonsuit or Verdict; Order of Proof, Rebuttal, and Reopening Case; Reception of Evidence; Reopening Case for Further Evidence

City of Richmond v. John Best