Acme Markets, Inc. v. Alfred M. Remschel

Case Name

Acme Markets, Inc. v. Alfred M. Remschel



Download Record 2627: Petition For Writ of Error; Case Record (4.4 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Corporation Court of the City of Alexandria, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Wm. P. Woolls, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

181 Va. 171

Parallel Citation

24 S.E.2d 430


Appeal and Error Instructions; Particular Matters and Rulings; Presumptions and Burdens on Review; Trial; Evidence Sufficiency to Support Verdict or Finding; Negligence Actions; Buildings and Other Structures; Burden of Proof; Care Required of Store and Business Proprietors; Defenses and Mitigating Circumstances; Evidence; Fault of Plaintiff or Third Persons; Parking Lots and Driveways; Plaintiff's Conduct or Fault; Premises Liability; Questions for the Jury and Directed Verdicts; Slips and Falls in General; Standard of Proof; Evidentiary Showing Required; Standard of Care; Status of Entrant

Acme Markets, Inc. v. Alfred M. Remschel