Craddock-Terry Company, et al., v. W.D. Powell, et al.

Case Name

Craddock-Terry Company, et al., v. W.D. Powell, et al.



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Corporation Court of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia



Virginia Reports Citation

181 Va. 417

Parallel Citation

25 S.E.2d 363


Business Organizations Law | Constitutional Law


Constitutional Law; Business Relationships in General; Contracts With Non-Governmental Entities; Existence and Extent of Impairment; Particular Issues and Obligations; Obligation of Contract; Property in General; Vested Rights; Corporations and Business Organizations; Collection of Assets, Enforcement of Liabilities and Payment of Claims; Dissolution and Forfeiture of Franchise; Distributions to Shareholders; Loss or Transfer of Capital or Property; Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations; Proceedings for Appraisal; Rights and Remedies Of, and Actions By, Dissenting Shareholders; Sale, Lease or Exchange of Substantially All Coporate Assests; Injunction Corporations and Other Private Organizations; Mergers and Acquisitions, Anti-Takeover Measures; Particular Subjects of Relief; Statutes; Construction; Construing Together; Harmony; Statute as a Whole; Relation of Parts to Whole and to One Another

Craddock-Terry Company, et al., v. W.D. Powell, et al.