John Doe v. Thomas Preston Brown

Case Name

John Doe v. Thomas Preston Brown



Download Record 5405: Petition For Writ of Error and Supersedeas; Case Record (5.1 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of the City of Lynchburg, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Charles E. Burks, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

203 Va. 508

Parallel Citation

125 S.E.2d 159


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Acts and Presumptions and Construction as to Constitutionaility, Actions and Settlements, Appeal and Error as to Verdict Approved by Trial Court, Damages and Questions for Jury, Determination of Tort Liability, Effect of Remittitur, Form and Adequacy of Service as to Uninsured Motorist and Constitutionally, Insurance Law and Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists, Motor Vehicles, Power and Duty of Court, Process or Other Notice, Process of Service and Non-Residents, Purpose of Rule That Title Expresses Subject of Statute, Trial as to Pleadings and Other Papers as Part of Record, Trial and Reference to Protection of Party by Insurance

John Doe v. Thomas Preston Brown