James E. Washington v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

James E. Washington v. Commonwealth of Virginia



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Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. James B. Wilkinson, Judge Designate



Virginia Reports Citation

216 Va. 185

Parallel Citation

217 S.E.2d 815


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Accessory to Crime, Accident or Misfortune, Capital Punishment, Certiorari to Bring up Record, Comment on Failure of Accused to Testify, Constitutional and Statutory Provisions, Constitutionality of Death Penalty, Correctional Officers and Prison Employees, Death Penalty, Double Jeopardy and Consent or Fault of Accused, Homicide, Indictment and Information, Matters Not Apparent of Record, Necessity and Sufficiency of Consent, Offense Committed While in Custody or Legal Restraint, Parties to Offense, Provision Authorizing Death Penalty, Public Employees and Officials as Victims, Reference to Evidence as Uncontradicted, Sentencing and Punishment, Scope and Contents of Record, Statutes and Amendatory Statutes, Statutes and Express Provisions, Statutes as to Language and Intent, Trial Term Requirements, Variance Between Accusation and Proof

James E. Washington v. Commonwealth of Virginia