Manuel C. Quintana v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

Manuel C. Quintana v. Commonwealth of Virginia



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Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Arlington County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Charles S. Russell, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

224 Va. 127

Parallel Citation

295 S.E.2d 643


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Absence of Witness or Evidence, Admission in Rebuttal of Evidence Proper in Chief, Affidavit or Complaint, Armed Robbery, Capital Murder, Commission of or Participation in Act by Accused, Degrees of Criminal Offense, Due Process, Effect of Documentary Evidence, Effect of Applying Invalid Factor, Form and Contents of Warrant, Hearsay and Evidence Founded Thereon, Homicide, Killing While Committing Other Offense or in Course of Criminal Conduct, Motive, Order of Proof and Discretion of Trial Court, Predicate Offenses or Conduct, Presence and Appearance of Defendant and Counsel, Probable Cause, Proceedings for Issuance of Warrant, Rebuttal and Admission of Surrebuttal Evidence, Right of Accused to Confront Witnesses, Robbery, Scope of Evidence in Rebuttal, Searches and Seizures, Sentencing and Punishment, Sentencing and Punishment as to Age, Sixth Amendment Rights, Sufficiency of Evidence as to Capital Murder, Vileness, Heinousness, or Atrocity

Manuel C. Quintana v. Commonwealth of Virginia