Dennis Waldon Stockton v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

Dennis Waldon Stockton v. Commonwealth of Virginia




Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Patrick County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Frank I. Richardson, Jr., Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

227 Va. 124

Parallel Citation

314 S.E.2d 371


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Admission, Statements, and Confessions as to Being Voluntary, Affidavits and Other Proofs, Aggravating or Mitigating Circumstances, Assistance of Counsel and Other Kinds of Assistance, Authority of Court to Permit Separation of Jury, Capital Murder, Capital Punishment, Change of Venue, Competency of Impeaching Evidence, Contract Killing, Costs of Investigative Assistance, Court and Administrative Costs or Fees, Cumulative Evidence, Death Penalty as Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Degree of Proof, Determination and Disposition of Sentencing, Discretion of Court, Documentary Evidence, Homicide, Mayhem, and Assault With Intent to Kill, Inferences or Deductions From Evidence, Intoxication, Judges as to Presiding at Former Trial Relating to Same or Similar Matter, Jury Instructions Already Given, Misconduct of Counsel for Prosecution, Misconduct Subsequent to Charged Offense, Mode of Execution, Nature and Circumstances of Other Misconduct Affecting Admissibility, Necessity That Intent Be an Issue, Necessity and Scope of Proof, Other Misconduct Showing Motive, Photographs and Other Pictures, Planning, Premeditation, and Calculation, Probable Effect of New Evidence, Purposes for Admitting Evidence of Other Misconduct, Questions of Law and Fact, Reasonable Doubt, Sentencing and Punishment, Similarity to Crime Charged, Subsequent Condition or Conduct of Accused, Sufficiency, Sufficiency of Circumstantial Evidence, Sufficiency of Jury Instructions as to Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt, Vileness, Heinousness, or Atrocity, Voluntariness of Statements and Burden of Proof on Commonwealth, Want of Time for Preparation of Counsel, Weight and Effect of Opposing Affidavits or Other Evidence, Witnesses

Dennis Waldon Stockton v. Commonwealth of Virginia