Tony Albert Mackall v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

Tony Albert Mackall v. Commonwealth of Virginia



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Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Prince William County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Herman A. Whisenant, Jr., Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

236 Va. 240

Parallel Citation

372 S.E.2d 759


Costs In Criminal Prosecutions; Medical or Psychiatric Witnesses or Assistance; Security for Payment; In Forma Pauperis; Criminal Law Change of Venue; Conduct of Trial in General; Conflict of Interest; Joint Representation; Continuance; Counsel for Accused; Depiction of Injuries or Dead Bodies; Documentary Evidence; Elements and Incidents of Offense; Evidence; Experiments and Tests; Facts in Issue and Relevance; Grounds for Change of Venue; Harmless and Reversible Error; Identity of Accused; In General; Lineup, Showup or Other Confrontation; Instuctions Already Given; Instuctions Requests; Local Prejudice; Mental Condition; Necessity of Setting Forth Evidence Excluded; Opinion Evidence; Out-of-Court or Pre-Trial Confrontation; Particular Offenses; Photographs and Other Pictures; Presentation and Reservation in Lower Court of Grounds for Review; Private Writings and Publications; Purpose of Admission; Record and Proceedings not in Record; Res Gestae, Excited Utterance; Review; Second or Further Continuance; Statements as to and Expressions of Personal Injury or Suffering; Trial; Jury Challenge for Cause; Competency of Jurors, Challenges and Objections; Examination of Juror; Personal Opinions and Conscientious Scruples; Searches and Seizures Family Members; Persons Giving Consent; Waiver and Consent; Sentencing and Punishment Admissability; Dangerousness; Death Penalty; Declarations and Confessions; Evidence; Expert Evidence; Factors Related to Offense; Nature or Degree of Offense; Proceedings; Review of Proceedings to Impose Death Penalty; Witnesses Capacity and Qualifications in General; Children; Competency; Obligation of Oath

Tony Albert Mackall v. Commonwealth of Virginia