Ronald Bernard Bennett v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

Ronald Bernard Bennett v. Commonwealth of Virginia




Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Chesterfield County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. John F. Daffron, Jr., Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

236 Va. 448

Parallel Citation

374 S.E.2d 303


Criminal Law Application and Affadavits for Continuance; Arguments and Statements by Counsel; Comments on Accused's Silence or Failure to Testify; Continuance; Counsel: Determination of Admissability of Statement, Confession, or Admission; Depiction of Injuries or Dead Bodies; Disclosure or Production of Copy of or Witness to, Confession, Statement, or Admission; Documentary Evidence; Effect of Defendant's Objection or Defense Inconsistent With Lesser Charge; Enforcement of Rule; Evidence Caculated to Create Prejudice Against or Sympathy for Accused; Facts in Issue and Relevance; Grade or Degree of Offense, Included Offenses; Harmless and Reversible Error; Instructions: Necessity, Requisites and Sufficiency; Photographs and Other Pictures; Private Writings and Publications: Reception of Evidence; Right of Prosecution to Contiuance; Separation and Exclusion of Witnesses; Statements and Confessions, and Admissions by or on Behalf of the Accused; Time of Continuance; Judgements Adjudacations Operative in Other States; Full Faith and Credit; Foreign Judgements; Judgements of State Court; Jury Challenges for Cause; Competancy of Jurors; Challenges and Objections; Examination of Jurors; Persoal Opinions and Conscientious Scruples; Punishment for Prescribed Offense; Marriage and CohabitationCreation, Evidence, and Validity of Marital Relationship; Sentencing and Punishment Death Penalty; Factors Related to Offense; Killing While Committing Other Offense or In Course of Criminal Conduct; Witnesses Attorney and Client; Capacity and Qualification in General; Competency

Ronald Bernard Bennett v. Commonwealth of Virginia