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The Special Committee on the Future of AALL, initially known as Special Committee on Professional Needs of the Legal Information Specialist of 2084, was created by President M. Kathleen Price during the summer of 1983. Its members are Philip C. Berwick, Ann M. Carter, Leah F. Chanin, Richard A. Danner, Marian G. Gallagher, Anne Grande, Kamla J. King, Steve Margeton, Phyllis C. Marion, Kate McKay, Peter C. Schanck, Margaret Shediac, Sara Sonet, Dennis J. Stone, Kay M. Todd, and Sarah K. Wiant, Chairperson. The Committee was asked to examine the law library profession and the American Association of Law Libraries and to express specific recommendations about AALL for its improvement in order to assure that the AALL will be the association offirst choice of its members in the future. The Committee made every effort to gather as much information about the library and information profession generally, and the AALL membership specifically. A final report was completed in November 1985 and submitted to the Executive Board at its winter meeting in New Orleans on January 3, 1986. The Board is considering various aspects of the report. While that review takes place, the Special Committee felt that the membership would be interested in seeing the entire report.


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