Book Review, Daniele Archibugi & Alice Pease, Crime and Global Justice: The Dynamics of International Punishment (2018)

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Book Review

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Ethics & International Affairs

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Nestled into the crowded field of scholar ship on international criminal justice is this new book from Daniele Archibugi and Alice Pease. The authors survey familiar territory-the emergence, development, and operation of the system of international criminal justice-but they nicely distinguish their contribution by electing to use case studies to tell their story, focusing on the indictments, trials, and convictions of well-known heads of state. Within these case studies, Archibugi and Pease emphasize actors such as international courts and tribunals, but they also reference the role of national courts, civil claims, and "justice from below" (truth commissions, reintegration ceremonies, and opinion tribunals). Throughout, the authors tie these institutions to theories of cosmopolitanism, while also ruminating upon the failures that have afflicted global justice-primary among these being the co-optation of justice institutions by powerful political players.