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Loyola Law Review

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Choice of law in lawyer discipline matters, and the language among the popular choice of law rules in use matters. The core goals of choice of law principles should not limit the choices to the states in which a lawyer has a full, formal license. Doing so undermines the modern choice of law interests analysis by eliminating jurisdictions that may have the greatest interest in the conduct.

Lawyers cross borders physically and electronically on a daily basis. Accordingly, choice of law rules are critical, especially when a lawyer engages in missions that are targeted at particular jurisdictions, as Rudy Giuliani did. As such, the targeted jurisdiction has a powerful interest in having its rules of lawyer ethics govern the conduct.

So, where is Rudy? At any given moment, that is hard to answer. But wherever he is, the choice of law rules deserve closer study if the policies that drive them are to be realized.



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