Annie E. Smith v. L.J. Bailey

Case Name

Annie E. Smith v. L.J. Bailey



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

Circuit Court of Norfolk County, Virginia



Virginia Reports Citation

141 Va. 757

Parallel Citation

127 S.E. 89


Civil Law | Civil Procedure | Common Law | Contracts | Evidence | Property Law and Real Estate


Adjoining or Adjacent Lands; Appeal and Error as to Modifying Provisions of Judgment or Order; Boundaries; Control of Calls for Adjoiners Over Other Elements; Control of Metes and Bounds or Courses and Distances Over Other Elements; Deeds; Deeds and Construction; Ejectment; Ejectment and Defenses; Ejectment and Title; Evidence as to Description of Subject-Matter; Notice and Constructive Notice; Possession and Ouster; Property and Possession; Property and Evidence of Title; Reference to Surveys, Maps, and Plats in Deeds; Repugnant or Conflicting Parts or Clauses of Deeds; Title and Right to Possession; Vendor and Purchaser; Void and Defective Instruments

Annie E. Smith v. L.J. Bailey