T.R. Fulton v. W.R. Grace & Company

Case Name

T.R. Fulton v. W.R. Grace & Company



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Wytheville

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Grayson County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. A.A. Campbell, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

143 Va. 12

Parallel Citation

129 S.E. 374


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Acceptance of Benefits; Breach of Contract; Brokers; Brokers as to Sale of Goods; Excuses for Nonperformance or Breach; Jury Instructions Unsupported by Evidence; Principal and Agent; Questions for Jury; Sales and Acceptance or Rejection of Nonconforming Goods; Sales as to Delivery of Goods; Sales as to Monetary Remedies and Damages; Sales as to Nature and Formation of Contract; Sales as to Offer, Acceptance, and Consideration; Sales as to Parties to Transaction or Contract; Sales as to Payment; Trial as to Error in Jury Instructions Cured by Withdrawal or Giving Other Instruction; Trial and Invasion of Province of Jury; Trial as to Issues and Theories of Case; Variance Between Pleadings and Proof

T.R. Fulton v. W.R. Grace & Company