Anna Krikorian, Executrix, etc. v. Thomas Dailey

Case Name

Anna Krikorian, Executrix, etc. v. Thomas Dailey



Download Record 1952: Petition For Writ of Error and Supersedeas; Case Record (14.7 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Law and Equity Court of the City of Richmond, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Willis D. Miller, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

171 Va. 16

Parallel Citation

197 S.E. 442


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Appeal and Error as to Facts Otherwise Established; Breach of Contract; Conclusiveness of Evidence on Party Introducing Evidence; Contracts and Existence of Ambiguity; Contracts and Extrinsic Circumstances; Contracts and Language of Instrument; Contracts as to Nature and Form of Remedy; Construction of Contracts; Damages as to Breach of Contract; Executors and Administrators as to Breach of Contract; Interruption or Destruction of Business; Landlord and Tenant; Loss of Profits; Management and Conduct of Occupations; Natural and Probable Consequences of Breaches of Contract; Nature and Subject-Matter of Modification; Questions for Jury; Questions of Law or Fact; Weight and Sufficiency of Evidence

Anna Krikorian, Executrix, etc. v. Thomas Dailey