Lillian Stubbs v. Frances Cowden

Case Name

Lillian Stubbs v. Frances Cowden



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Court of Law and Chancery of the City of Norfolk, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. O. L. Shackleford, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

179 Va. 190

Parallel Citation

18 S.E.2d 275


Civil Law


Appeal and Error Considerations Preliminary to Conducting Review; Damages and Other Monetary Relief; Necessity of Determination by Reviewing Court; Particular Cases and Items; Scope and Extent of Review; Setting Aside Verdict; New Trial; Tort Cases and Personal Injuries in General; Damages Amount Awarded; Excessive Damages in General; Measure and Amount of Exemplary Damages; Libel and Slander Actions; Amount Awarded; Damages; Elements of Compensation; Evidence; Measure in General; Slander; Special Damages; New Trial Affadavits as to Newly Discovered Evidence; Discretion of Court; Errors and Irregularities in General; Failure of Justice in General; Grounds; Nature and Scope of Remedy; Newly Discovered Evidence; Power and Duty of Court in General; Proceedings to Procure New Trial; Requisites and Sufficiency in General; Verdict or Finding Contrary to Law or Evidence

Lillian Stubbs v. Frances Cowden