Byrd Fuller v. C.B. Edwards

Case Name

Byrd Fuller v. C.B. Edwards



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Dickenson County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Alfred A. Skeen, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

180 Va. 191

Parallel Citation

22 S.E.2d 26


Civil Law


Appeal and Error Grounds of Defense or Opposition; Issues and Questions in Lower Court; Nature or Subject-Mater in General; Presentation and Reservation in Lower Court of Grounds of Review; Courts; Courts of Limited or Inferior Jurisdiction; Particular Courts of Special Civil Jurisdiction; Jurisdiction; Procedure; Judgement Nature and Essentials in General; Process or Notice to Sustain Judgement; Sufficiency of Process or Service; Justices of the Peace; Civil Jurisdiction and Authority; Nature and Scope of Jurisdiction in General; Libel and Slander; Nature and Elements of Defamation in General; Words and Actions Actionable and Liability Therefor; Torts; Invasion of Personal Safety, Security or Comfort in General; Other Miscellaneous Torts; Trial; Ajournments Pending Trial; Course and Conduct of Trial in General; Venue; Change of Venue or Place of Trial; Right of Defendent to Change

Byrd Fuller v. C.B. Edwards