C.C. Bova, etc. v. Roanoke Oil Company, Inc.

Case Name

C.C. Bova, etc. v. Roanoke Oil Company, Inc.



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Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Hustings Court of the City of Roanoke, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. J. L. Almond, Jr., Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

180 Va.332

Parallel Citation

23 S.E.2d 347


Damages; Inquest on Default or Interlocutory Judgement; Proceedings for Assessment; Writ of Inquiry; Evidence; Best and Secondary Evidence; Compelling Production by Adverse Parties; Documentary Evidence; Effect of Failure to Produce; Notice to Produce Primary Evidence; Preliminaries to Admission of Secondary Evidence; Production, Authentication and Effect; Pleading Admissions by Failure to Deny; Issues, Proof and Variance; Matters to be Proved; Pretrial Procedure Depositions and Discovery; Discovery Methods and Procedures; Sales Actions; Terms of Contract; Rights and Obligations of Parties; Witnesses in General; Supoena Duces Tecum

C.C. Bova, etc. v. Roanoke Oil Company, Inc.