Home Brewing Company, Inc. v. City of Richmond

Case Name

Home Brewing Company, Inc. v. City of Richmond



Download Record 2693: Petition For Writ of Error and Supersedeas; Case Record (3.2 MB)


Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia at Richmond

Appealed From

The Law and Equity Court of the City of RIchmond, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Willis D. Miller, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

181 Va. 793

Parallel Citation

27 S.E.2d 188


Constitutional Law; Equal Protection; Licenses and Regulations; Particular Issues and Applications; Restaurants; Food and Drink; Trade or Business; Courts; Constitutional Questions; Decisions of Same Court or Co-Ordinate Court; Erroneous or Injudicious Decisions; Establishment, Organization and Procedure; Previous Decisions as Controlling or as Precedents; Rules of Decision; Food; Municipal Power in General; Power to Make Regulations; Licenses Constitutionality and Validity of Acts and Ordinances; Municipal Corporations; Concurrent and Conflicting Exercise of Power by State and Municipality; Delegation, Extent and Exercise of Power; Different Punishment, Penalty or License Fee Prescribed by Ordinance; Police Power and Regulation

Home Brewing Company, Inc. v. City of Richmond