Horace Adrian Osborne v. Guiliana G. Osborne

Case Name

Horace Adrian Osborne v. Guiliana G. Osborne



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Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of Prince William County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Percy Thornton, Jr., Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

215 Va. 205

Parallel Citation

207 S.E.2d 875


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Adjudications Operative in Other States, Authority and Discretion of Trial Court, Child Support, Child Support and Jurisdiction of Forum Court to Act, Child Support and Modification of Foreign Judgments, Child Support and Power to Modify, Conclusiveness and Effect of Foreign Decree, Disposition of Property, Divorce, Divorce and Death, Divorce and Equality, Divorce and Matters Concluded, Divorce and Sexual Relations, Cohabitation or Remarriage, Foreign Decree as Precluding Award of Alimony or Support, Husband and Wife as to Effect of Abandonment or Divorce, Judgment and Conclusiveness of Adjudication, Judgments and Full Faith and Credit, Jurisdiction of Person, Spousal Support, Spousal Support and Property Award Distinguished

Horace Adrian Osborne v. Guiliana G. Osborne