Michael Marnell Smith v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

Michael Marnell Smith v. Commonwealth of Virginia




Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of the City of Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Russell M. Carneal, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

219 Va. 455

Parallel Citation

248 S.E.2d 135


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Admissibility of Photographs, Arguments and Conduct of Counsel, Assault with Intent to Kill, Atrocity or Vileness, Capital Punishment, Course and Conduct of Trial, Custodial Interrogation and Miranda, Death Penalty, Depiction of Injuries or Dead Bodies, Federal Jurisdiction and State Jurisdiction, Federal Property and State Jurisdiction, Homicide, Homicide and Malice, Homicide as to Victim, Jury Functions as Judges of Law and Fact, Jury Instructions, Jury and Punishment Prescribed for Offense, Jury Selection, Killing While Committing Other Offense, Other Misconduct as Evidence of Offense Charged, Provision Authorizing Death Penalty, Rape as to Character and Habits of Female, Rape as to Force, Nonconsent and Resistance, Rape as to Want of Consent of Female, Relationship as to Retroactive Laws, Sentencing and Punishment, State Consent and Federal Acceptance, Validity of Retroactive Applications, Veniremen and Death Penalty Objections, Weight and Effect of Opposing Affidavits or Other Evidence

Michael Marnell Smith v. Commonwealth of Virginia