Richard T. Boggs v. Commonwealth of Virginia

Case Name

Richard T. Boggs v. Commonwealth of Virginia




Supreme Court of Virginia

Appealed From

The Circuit Court of the City of Portsmouth, Virginia

Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Dennis F. McMurran, Judge



Virginia Reports Citation

229 Va. 501

Parallel Citation

331 S.E.2d 407


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Admonition as Condition of Permitting Separation; Arraignment; Automobile and Grounds for Arrest; Automobile as to Inventory and Impoundment; Capital Murder; Depiction of Injuries or Dead Bodies; Depiction of Places; Evidence Calculated to Create Prejudice Against or Sympathy for Accused; Illegal Search and Seizure; Juror and Challenge as to Punishment Prescribed for Offense; Jury as to Weight and Effect of Evidence; Jury and Grounds for Change of Venue or Change of Jury Venire; Jury and View of Capital Punishment; Killing in Commission of, or with Intent to Commit Other Unlawful Act; Miranda Warnings; Motion to Sequester Jury; Possession by Accused of Weapons, Tools, or Stolen Property; Possession of Money or Property of Victim; Probable Cause and Grounds for Arrest; Purging Taint; Redaction; Robbery; Rule of Completeness; Scene of Crime; Search and Seizures; Search or Seizure Following Arrest; Sentencing and Punishment as to Passion or Prejudice; Sentencing and Punishment as to Vileness, Heinousness, or Atrocity; Stolen Goods; Time and Place of Search;

Richard T. Boggs v. Commonwealth of Virginia